«Kostia Bogomov» en Prog Archives

«Kostia Bogomov» de Koroiev, recibe tres estrellas en la página de rock progresivo Progarchives.com

Progressive Rock Music Ultimate Discography



«From very promsing and varied electronic music ideas to stubborn cinematic epic tones, this 2015, release by Roberto Casteleiro (Spain) aka Koroiev titled «Kostia Bogomov», moves along.

My first encounter with this musician seems divided between rescuing his best proposals and overlooking the reappearing cliches of this sub-genre since the 80’s.

In short, his «darker» compositions outshine his «happy-melody» ones. In fact, I can bet this use of minor keys allowed him the entrance to this PE page.

To mark some kind of referentials I will certainly mention Michael Cretu’s ENIGMA with taints of Tangerine Dream’s, also 80’s, version of themselves and some kinship with its own regional roots.

Music composition wise, more than once, very good ideas are buried in favour of more, let me call them «happy/epic-friendly» ones. Nevertheless those better moments are not few and are also included at some parts of not the best compositions.

However, it lacks the «glue» and uniqueness to really catch my attention.

So, as the rating goes, I will up-front call it promising, yet it does not step up of becoming «essential» or «masterpiece» (at least, not this release).

As it goes, it is good enough to earn ***3 PA stars. »

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